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Stranger in the House

Stranger In ... Books by Lorilla Fonda are meant for parents to have dialogues with their small children concerning anyone ever hurting or abusing them. She stresses educating children that they can turn to many different people in their lives should someone hurt or abuse them. Instead of frightening the child with warnings against being abused, Lorilla tries instead to provide prompts for parents and teachers to address personal physical rights. To help parents and other adults establish a trust between the child and themselves while informing them how to use their voice.

Parents, Teachers, Police, Clergy, Firemen and Babysitters.

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What is Lorilla Fonda Books about? - Childhood Preservation.

What do I mean by childhood preservation?

The preservation of innocence. To Teach the Innocent that they can use their Voice.

Most people agree that a child should be able to remain childlike well into their teens, if they so desire. Others, though, would seek to initiate our children into adult activities long before their minds and bodies are developed into the proper stages.

Because we can never know who might decide to initiate our children into such knowledge and/or actions, we need to inform our children of wrong actions without traumatizing them with what could be scarry.

Not every child is initiated into adult activities before they are ready, but, a properly educated child could spot wrong actions, and more importantly protect themselves and tell others about the wrong actions.

This is the goal of Lorilla Fonda. She would like all children to learn what is considered wrong actions long before they are aware of the reality, and to know, in advance, that it is ok to tell mom and dad about any activity they engage in. We also stress that Teachers, Doctors, Ministers, Police, Firemen and others whom parents entrust children to, can also be talked to about any questions the child might have.

These books are not designed to scare a child, or to initiate them into adult knowledge and actions, but simply to inform a child that they can talk about things that make them feel uncomfortable with their parents, teachers, police, or other adults.

By engaging the child with child-drawn images and simple statements, we hope to empart enough information to the child without being overly dramatic or scarry, so that they learn there are Many people they can turn to when they are being hurt.

Lorilla Fonda books are available online at Amazon.com.  

Who is Lorilla Fonda Lehman? Daughter, Sister of 11 siblings, Mother, Aunt, Grand-Mother, Victim, Survivor, Author, Voice for the innocent. She was born the third of a family of twelve children. Raised to believe that God was watching over her as she played and grew by her mother, to this day she has a deep faith in God and Family. Others, though, were not of a similar mind and did things to her that should never happen to a child. Because of this, and because she personnally knows others who were abused, beaten, and subjugated into silence and acceptance, she has accepted the mantle of Fighter for the Silent.

As a new mother, she learned that there is heartbreak, and there is heartbreak. Her firstborn son, Clinton, contracted Spinal Meningites and died at the age of two. Since then she has raised and lost her oldest daughter, Regina, and raised another son and daughter. She took on the very difficult task of raising, from her teens through her mid-twenties, a special needs geat-neice. Her neice has a special needs daughter who during her teen years became violent towards her mother. When the situation got so bad that the mother was thinking of having her daughter put in a home, Lorilla stepped up and took Tina into her home and raised her, giving her the loving yet controled environment she needed to guide her into proper social interaction with others. Tina has since returned to live with her mother.

A true believer in the Christian Faith, Lorilla works tirelessly for her church and community. Year after year working with others to create care packages for the under-privalaged and for children over-seas. Recently she recounted a story of her childhood, and the memory of one of the older church members and of visiting her home. The thing that she remembers most about this person, was all the dolls all around her home. She remembers that these dolls were not just dolls, but each was lovingly cleaned, restored, and clothed with home made clothing, and then given to the girls of the church each year at Christmas. She remembers the doll she was given, and the disapointment that it wasn't the doll she had wanted specifically, but that this woman had spent unknowing amounts of time preparing dolls for little girls, just like her, and here she is today, doing the same thing, recycling discarded dolls, cleaning, restoring, clothing, and then shipping, never getting to see the looks of little girls getting possibly the only doll they may ever have, but still continuing the work.

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